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"...She's got like an early twentieth century German cabaret thing going on. Like Kate Bush and The Threepenny Opera..."

- Derek Aubichon Fine Art student, painter and talented musician extraordinaire

Many greetings and welcome to Jweeden's official site!

Thanks for being here. Please take a listen and enjoy yourself.

While browsing through froot, you can listen to a few mp3s off my demo album blissfrett, and look at photos of my various facets and artworks. Please email me your opinion and what you want to see more of through frootmail. You can even order a CD!! how much fun!

"...This is absolutely AMAZING!!..."

Corey Stevenson Magician

I am Jweeden. A self taught pianist, singer/songwriter. blissfrett is my first serious attempt at public entertainment/ enlightenment. I made this album because I want people to hear it. No other reason. I want to play live shows for fans. That is all I wish for: an audience.

I recorded blissfrett over a year a year ago now. Since then i have played many shows and sold over half of the CDs i made. I don't update my site often. ... i almost forgot about it. However, i am busy. I now study philosophy . I cut hair at salon Blue Earth downtown montreal!!! ...But on goes the music...i've been writing and sucking up new muses. i think i am still digesting the whole process and all the feedback. i got scared off with people actually liking it! silly me.

Click on Music to listen to a few songs, read more about my philosophy of song writing and order the blissfrett CD!!.

Everything else I do without a piano (and general info about me) can be found by clicking the ...everything else icon.

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Jweeden is dead long live Janet Apple Red.

go to... apple2.tripod.com/janetapplered/ it will all become easier...

May 2001

I recorded blissfrett a long time ago now. Since then there has been much evolution. things are really rolling. silly me. come see. J.Weeden on May 18th. Club Zone. with Richard Williams on drums with me. also... Pinbot, Eric Kendrick, and Derek Aubichon. 1186 Cresent st. Montreal, downtown.

March 27th 2001

Now i work full time as a hairdresser at Salon blue earth. crazy! However, there will be a show at CLUB ZONE on May 18th. Everyone will be there. Excellent.

February 7th 2001

I have been hiding, studying hairdressing and great thinkers. However,...there will be a show in April in Montreal. Maybe a few around Ontario in the summer...ye ha ..i 've written so many new songs kids.

August 28th

Summer sabbatical I suppose...may yes, there will be something new in NOVEMBER . in montreal? keep your eyes peeled.

June 21st

Dark moon June 30th @ Casa dul Popolo - 9 ish (4873 St.Laurent) . Happy End with Jweeden and many more talents!! BYOB .. ah..alternative to TV..

May 28th

Full Moon, June 16th @ Indigo Books(montreal St Catherines) in the cafe. Jweeden and coffees ..8-10pm. then on June 30th..ohhh...big show!!

May 10th

Next full Moon, May 18th @ Club Zone (1148 Cresent),J.Weeden will rock out with Jody Anker!!

April 17th

May 4th @ Club Zone (1148 Cresent), everyone should check it out. J.Weeden wants to hear your idea of fun, contact at: jweeden@email.com "No more porn (political statement # 142)" Lm '00

April 13th

May 4th @ Club Zone (1148 Cresent). Opening up for toronto Jazz stars Rebecca Campbell and Justin Haynes (Thier CD TUG is at HMV)!!

March 19th

FOLK YOU! @ Le Swimming (3643 St.Laurent). I'll be there on the 27th of March with Los Troubadores, coral egan and Richard Brennan!!

March 9th

Chicken! J.Weeden with Ted Strauss and friends on March 15 @ Club Zone (1186 cresent)!! ...beware thee ides of March... a great time to check out blissfrett!

February 17th

I am playing amongst a plethera of talented people on FEB 19 @ ARTISHOW (4873 St-Laurent)!!If you miss that show, the "J.Weeden OFFICIAL CD LAUNCH" will be March 15 @ le Zone (1186 cresent). I hope to see and meet you there....beware the ides of march!

January 24th

On the 4th of Feb. I will be opening for ANDY STOCHANSKY (Ani Difranco's drummer) along with Tara Martin and Pigeon Hole! We will all be rockin out at Jailhouse Rock Cafe, Montreal... be there.. i'll keep ya'll posted.

January 12th

Yipee! I am playing this saturday (jan 15)@ Le Zone, Cresent street, below St. Catherines,Montreal. (You can by 10$ cds at the show. Trip the off is gonna be there too. There are J.weeden stickers all around town now, so keep your eyes peeled! i am still enjoying all the emails! brightest blessings ...i'll keep ya'll posted.

December 17th

Cds are here! more than expected have sold already! Gears are in motion for many many shows in the new year! and stickers! i am enjoying all the emails! thanx... Many blessings for Yule! Peace. ...i'll keep ya'll posted.

December 11th

I'll have many copies of blissfrett in a few days and they soon be in the mail.. keep the orders coming..there are only so many. There may be a show end of January.. i'll keep ya'll posted.

November 22nd

The site is up, the CD is being printed. The release date for the CD is December 12th.

I'm planning on doing several shows once the CD has been released.



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