"...Umm...It's like riding a rollercoaster made of pianos!!"

Nick Coombe Graphic Designer and Web Wizard

I currently live in Montreal Quebec, Canada. I grew up outside of Ottawa Ontario (Dunrobin).

I worked as a naturalist in Ontario Provincial Parks, attended Concordia University for Biology, and served ice cream and coffee before I took this on as the way of life. Now i do more hairdressing and philosophy than music. I am working on the writing...new stuff.

I am a nature nerd. A lover of science and questioning. I am a moon watcher. I read heavy novels, fact books and tarot cards. I drink a lot of tea.

During my life so far, I have always made some sort of art. I need outlets. Often I was not praised for my music, but my paintings, photography and writing.

Take a look at a few of my older visual works and art from blissfrett by clicking on look at....

"...You play slower onstage..."

Mandy Milks Graphic & Fashion Designer, former roomate


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