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"...If Smoky Robinson was a woman who played piano in a creepy church with toys, he'd sing J. Weeden songs!..."

- Jen Testa, Member of the film world and former roommate

The music I create is a little bit weird I guess.

Being almost completely self- taught I seem to have consciously ignored convention in both my piano playing and song writing technique.

I've decided now that i sing. the singing comes first. my piano sings too. There is not a chorus, verse, or bridge in any of my songs. Instead there is the fast part, the prophetic part, the other part etc.. ...quite holistic and round.

"...Interesting. Got my attention. I would like that song to end with more POWER!..."

Lisa Gamble Montreal All-Star Musician

Sound wise, blissfrett can be sweet and soft ...at times sexy, angry and loud. Some songs remind my of church tunes: simple, eerie, beautiful and slow. Others are just damn silly.

blissfrett has not been designed to be appropriate for anything it just is as it came to me: Unchanged from conception. I am very real with my listeners. blissfrett is a document of my art and not the same as the real thing. i am not a studio artist. take a listen. let me know what you think... jweeden@email.com

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Take a listen dude!

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H4C 1L7


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